Tuesday, March 7, 2017

6W LED Warm White(3000K) Edison Screw Bulbs, Non-Dimmable, 60W Incandescent Bulbs Equivalent, 550Lm, LED Bulbs, LED Energy Saving Spotlight Bulb, 6-Pack [Energy Class A+]

choose 3000K Warm White or 6500K Cool White

Color: Warm White(3000K)
Luminous Intensity: 550Lm
Material: Aluminum, Plastic
Working Voltage: 200-240V AC
Beam Angle: 100 degree
Life Span: over 25000 hours
Incandescent Equivalent: 60 Wattage Halogen
CRI: >80
LED Cap: E27(R63)
Wattage: 6Watt
LED Quantity: 12 SMD 2835 LED
Size: 100.9mm(Height) x 63mm(Diameter)
Certification: CE, RoHS, ERP

cheap low energy light bulbs

Friday, March 3, 2017

Big discount Kindle: Tony Healey Harper and Lane mystery - Hope's Peak £3.99

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ID: 873“Atmospheric, surprising, and shot through with menace—fans of Stephen King and True Detective will love this exceptional thriller.” —Mark Edwards, bestselling author
“In this solid series launch from Healey...he plows a fertile field in this blend of detection and the supernatural.” —Publishers Weekly
About the Author
Tony Healey is the bestselling author of the Far From Home series. He has written alongside such award-winning authors as Alan Dean Foster and Harlan Ellison.
Tony is currently working on book two of his Harper & Lane series, of which Hope’s Peak is the first installment. He lives with his wife and four daughters in Sussex, England.

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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Sale Electric Toothbrush Rotates, Oral-B Pro 3000 CrossAction (Braun) £34.99

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Friday, 3 March 2017

Removes up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush

SPECIAL Price (now) Smartphone Wileyfox Swift dual SIM Free (Midnight Blue) £109.99

Box Contains
USB cable
Quick Start Guide
Warranty Card 

SPECIAL Price (now) Smartphone Wileyfox Swift dual SIM Free (Midnight Blue) £109.99

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Friday, 3 March 2017 (GMT)
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SPECIAL Price (now) Smartphone Wileyfox Swift dual SIM Free (Midnight Blue) £109.99

Expired 23:59
Friday, 3 March 2017 (GMT)
Time in United Kingdom

 Excellent phone, highly recommended customer Amazon
Review By Dominic Shields on 20 Oct. 2015

Wileyfox Swift Colour: Black Verified Purchase 


Reluctantly accepting that my 4 and a half years with my Galaxy S2 were up I was looking for a replacement at a decent price that had a removable battery as I would never willingly buy a phone that didn't, the bonuses here were Cyanogen with no bloatware and no issues with SD cards not being properly usable.
I have seen a few comments and questions so for some balance,
I really don't understand the apparent issue of having to remove the battery to access the Sim and SD card for two reasons. Firstly I wouldn't dream of inserting or removing them with the phone powered up and secondly not being prone to participating in spy/thriller movies I don't have a habit of removing either on a regular basis.
The phone isn't rooted, having had my Galaxy S2 rooted for half the time I had it I probably would do so if I could think of any reason to but so far I have drawn a blank.
The handset volume and call sound quality are dramatically better than my S2.
I find the battery life fine, charged overnight it is down to about 40% by bedtime so far but then I don't play games, stream movies whilst skateboarding and all that other stuff I should be doing in adverts.
If I want to take serious pictures, I use a £300 camera, cameras in a phone that costs £129 are logically going to have cost quite a lot less so are for happy snappers or selfies. Regrettably I am no longer 17 years old so the cameras in the phone are mostly of academic interest to me, I gather the main one is made by Samsung.
USB charging cables - the micro USB port on the phone is recessed quite a bit and I had picked this up in an online tech review site but unlike them I haven't found an existing cable of mine that doesn't reach and connect properly. The phone does come with a white USB cable of a kind I hadn't seen before which works fine also.
The only change I have made is to remove the email application that came with the phone "Boxer"? or something and replace with BlueMail.

My only query is - when and where can I get a spare battery? I am getting twitchy about not having one.

Edit 26th Oct 2015 - Lots of tech reviews refer to the SD card slot being max 32GB but I have a Samsung 64GB Evo Plus card read as such in the phone, I haven't tried writing more than 32GB to it to see what happens but I am confident that it works OK.
Edit 28th Oct 2015 - Have given the GPS a good checking out given the comments about it, the initial lock the very first time took a long time but it works fine for me, the App "GPS Status Test & Fix - No Ads" is quite useful. See image attached of the GPS lock obtained indoors near a window.
Edit 4th Dec 2015 - I have seen many reviews complaining at the lack of a manual, setting aside my puzzled expression and accepting this at face value there appears to be two options for a supplier.
1. Waste the planet's resources on a manual which the majority of people will never read.
2. Assume that people buying a piece of technology that has two buttons, one of which is an on/off switch, will manage to be able to use the device to perform Google searches to find out the answers to their questions...more Wileyfox

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

3 set-pair Sock Ons, 0-6 Months, White,Fuchsia , Baby Pink, £6.95 FREE UK delivery

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ID: 86682% Nylon, 18% Elastane
3 Pairs of 0-6 Sock Ons! 1 x White, 1 x Fuchsia & 1 x Baby Pink Great Value £6.95 + FREE UK delivery
In stock. Sold by Mum, Dad and Baby on Amazon

BARGAIN PLEMO Umbrella under 10 pound, no manual, 1 year guarantee, complete features

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ID: 864Constructed with a strong center pole and durable ribs with an optimal balance of elasticity and rigidity, the umbrella is capable of staying intact against high winds without flipping inside out.
Made of 210T high-density, water-repellent fabric, the canopy sheds water droplets effortlessly, thereby protect you from rain.
The deep bowl provides plenty of shelter, even from the sides when the wind and rain are really howling!
DEALS NOW £9.99 + FREE UK Delivery over purchase 20 pound